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Gallery of Larger Quilts Gifted

These are queen-sized. They were all made as gifts.
None of these quilts are still available.
Send me an email if you would like one in a similar style: 

"Celtic Dream"
#336; Mar. 2013
Made for Lee

"New Maxico Stars"
#421; Dec. 2016
Made for Carol and Warren

"Love Grows"
#268; Mar. 2010
Made for Hayley and Patrick

"Holding on to Each Other"
#228; Nov. 2008
Made for Sarah and Cody

"Together in the Valley"
#275; July 2010
Made for Megan and John

"Blue Dreams"
#317; June 2012
Made for us

"Dancing Salamanders"
#16; October 2002
Made for Margaret

#12; October 2000
Made for Alex

#14; May 2002
Made for Cecilia

#15; August 2002
Made for Maggie

"Tree of Life"
#17; October 2002
Made for Emily

#9; July 1998
Artist's collection

#2; 1994
Made for Emily

#3; 1995
Made for Cecilia

#5; 1995
Made for Michelle

"Love Spiral"
#8; 1997
Made for Sarah

"Stairway to Paradise"
#11; 1999
Made for Chris and Jayme

#10; 1999
Made for Mom

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