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How to order a custom-made quilt

If you want a quilt, but none of the currently available quilts suits you, please contact me at: to commission a custom quilt.

Custom quilts usually take between one and two weeks to create. They can be in the size you specify, including baby, single and queen. The cost of custom quilts will vary, and will be a bit higher than an existing quilt of the same size. I can also make custom duvet covers, which are less expensive.

Payment options

If you order a quilt directly from me, we will discuss which payment option (below) you wish to use. Custom quilts must be paid for in advance. For US customers, the shipping and handling charge is $10/quilt. Your quilt will be mailed by USPS Priority mail, and will be insured.

Non-US customers must use PayPal.
US customers have three choices:

  • PayPal
  • Money order
  • Personal check

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I have made a large number of custom quilts. Here are just two examples.

I was asked to create a scene with dragonflies. I put them on a pond at dawn since it was for a new little guy. There was movement, soft blue color for his room and lots of promise for future activities:

This quilt was commissioned to celebrate a 15 year wedding anniversary. The couple were married in Yosemite in the Fall and wanted to celebrate the season and the beauty of the mountains:

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